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  • Leadership Lessons: We are all more than our uniforms

    This past December marked the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Truce of 1914. On Christmas Eve and Christmas of 1914, only a few months into World War I, thousands of British, French, and Belgian soldiers, and the opposing German soldiers, laid down their weapons, emerged from their trenches, and celebrated Christmas together.  It is poignant
  • Leadership Lessons: What does being an NCO really mean?

    When you go to any Professional Military Education, whether it is Airman Leadership School, the NCO Academy or Senior NCO Academy, you must remember that everything you learn is applicable, but it doesn't all apply at the same time. As a former PME instructor, I used to tell all of my students: "when you return to your work center and you're so
  • Leadership Lessons: Think Different

    When people think about diversity, differences in race, ethnicity, religion, and gender typically come to mind. While these traditional categories are important, the Air Force's definition of diversity is much broader. AFI 36-70 defines diversity as "a composite of individual characteristics, experiences, and abilities, consistent with the Air
  • Leadership Lessons: Authentic Leadership

    "Extroverts make the best leaders" -- words spoken by an instructor to my cadet class in officer training. An introvert myself, I did not understand exactly what my instructor was trying to teach us. Was he saying that introverts had no hope of being the "best leaders," or was he insinuating that introverts should pretend to be extroverted? How
  • Leadership Lessons: Failure IS an option

    We have all heard the phrase failure is not an option. Failure is certainly an option, and one we need to become more comfortable with. Today's climate is one of diminishing resources. Sequestration and force management have cut our ranks and our checkbook while deployments tax both. To meet our nation's call we need to ensure we are doing the
  • Leadership Lessons: Communication and Collaboration

    Growing up on the east side of Indianapolis, I never dreamed I would be an Air Force Chaplain, or a military officer. The nuns who taught me in elementary school would have said the next stop for me was prison. It is a privilege to wear the Air Force uniform. My personal successes in the Air Force are attributed to a host of others. Many people
  • Leadership Lessons - Focus on the Heart

    It was the spring of my freshman year at the Air Force Academy. Finals had been taken, seniors were preparing to graduate, and everyone was looking forward to being one year closer to leaving that place. I'd had a pretty rough year. I was fighting accusations of an honor violation, which eventually got dropped, I was barely keeping my head above
  • Native American Heritage Month: a legacy of honor, commitment

    During the month of November we pay tribute to the contributions of Native Americans throughout history. In 1990, President George H.W. Bush approved a joint resolution designating November as National Native American Heritage Month. To this day military installations across the nation celebrate the service that Native Americans have given to their
  • "Cubum Autem in Duos Cubos..." A Leadership Conjecture (Part 1)

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  • Leadership Lessons: Broken Sunglasses

    When asked "how did I become a Safety Manager" I have often replied with "by making lots of mistakes." Most of the time this was just a comment intended to induce a good laugh. However, looking back it does colorfully describe key waypoints on the path which has led me to where I am today. You see if it weren't for a little bad luck I possibly