Welcome to Grand Forks AFB

Welcome to Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota, home of the 319th Reconnaissance Wing "Griffins." The information on this page will help introduce you the various base amenities, whether you're arriving on a Permanent Change of Station move, a Temporary Duty assignment, or just passing through.

Grand Forks AFB Welcome Video

Base Community

There are a multitude of helping agencies on Grand Forks AFB to assist with concerns ranging from financial literacy to special needs accommodation assistance, new parent assistance, stress and more. 

The Community Action Team (CAT) is a collaboration of helping agencies working to identify and resolve quality of life issues impacting Total Force Readiness. The vision of the CAT is to produce high-performing Airmen and families capable of persevering through life’s challenges and growing in adversity. The CAT also provides tools for leaders to build stronger personnel and families who perform at work, at home and in the community despite stressors and the challenges of military life.

The Grand Forks AFB community offers dozens of clubs and private organizations dedicated to hobbies such as archery, video games, crochet, reading, cooking, and more. There are also hundreds of events, classes, workshops, and social gatherings for Airmen and dependents of all ages advertised on the Wing events calendars.

Relocation Information

Newcomers Seminar
The Newcomer's Orientation Seminar is a Commander Directed Program designed for all inbound military personnel, spouses of military members and civilian employees who recently arrived at Grand Forks Air Force Base.

The seminar is offered the second Thursday of every month from 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Military and Family Readiness Center.

Sign-up by calling the Military & Family Readiness Center 701-747-3241

Billeting/Temporary Lodging (TLF)

Previously available temporary lodging facility Warrior Inn on Grand Forks AFB is now permanently closed. Commercial temporary lodging is available in the city of Grand Forks. Families PCSing to/from and members on TDY orders to Grand Forks AFB should work closely with sponsors and review available options in the Defense Travel System.

Military Installations
This military-endorsed website contains information updated quarterly to give the user the most accurate and current information. It contains installation information for all the military services, base directories and maps, 'Plan My Move' calendar, budget calculator, moving tips and more.

Re-Licensure/Re-Certification/Small Business Reimbursement
Spouses of total force Department of the Air Force members may quality to up to $1000 in reimbursement for costs associated with re-licensure, re-certification and small business expenses due to PCS/PCA, in accordance with DAFMAN 36-2102 Base-Level Relocation Procedures.

Qualified Costs:
- Licensure/Certification: 
Continuing education courses and registration fees imposed by the new duty station to secure a license or certification to engage in the same profession in which the spouse engaged while at the previous duty location.
- Small Business: Registration fees, moving services for equipment, equipment removal, new equipment purchases, information technology expenses, and inspection fees.

Contact the Military & Family Readiness Center at (701) 747-3241 with questions.

Adult Education

The Grand Forks Air Force Base education and training center provides many education and training services and offers nearly fifty complete degree programs from four fully accredited universities, three of which are open to the general public. The education and training center also offers testing services.


For more information, call 701-747-3316 or visit the office at 344 Tuskegee Airmen Blvd. on Grand Forks AFB or email GFBaseEducationOffice@us.af.mil


Free, comprehensive career coaching services are available to military spouses through the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program. The career center is staffed by career coaches who work with military spouses to provide personalized coaching and guidance. Services are available through the Military OneSource Spouse Career Center at 800-342-9647 and through the MySECO website.

Colleges and universities available at the education center:

Community College of the Air Force - 701-747-3316

Lake Region State College - 701-594-8192

Park University - 701-594-2977

University of Mary - 701-739-1300 

Local colleges and universities: