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  • Leadership Lessons: Lone Survivor

    You may have read the 2007 book, or seen the 2013 movie based on the book Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. But, did you know that Air Force Reserve Guardian Angels from the 305th Rescue Squadron, Davis-Monthan AFB, 920th Rescue Wing, Patrick AFB, made the Luttrell evacuation after his ordeal?In Afghanistan, during the early months of 2005, Taliban
  • Leadership Lessons: Who is second place?

    When it comes to sports, you always hear two different points of view: "if you are not first, you're last," and the "soccer mom" mentality of "everyone wins a trophy!!" All of you sports fans know it is a competitive spirit that drives us as individuals and teams to be the best we can be. Like many of you, I joined the Air Force to be a part of
  • Leadership Lessons: the duty to intervene

    America has always had enemies. For our entire existence as an American people, there have been those who opposed us on political, economic, or ideological grounds. While the identity and character of the enemy has changed over time, every enemy has shared the same goal: to degrade and/or destroy us. As Airmen we are our "nation's sword and
  • Leadership Lessons: Air Force Clubs are a tradition worth supporting!

    Air Force Clubs have a very proud history which dates back to when "clubs" were first established by Army regulation in 1835. Originally clubs served as dining facility (messing). It wasn't long before clubs became the natural hub of Army social functions and official events, like promotion and change of command ceremonies.Over the past 50 years,
  • Leadership Lessons: Being a Mentor (Leaving an Impression)

    Throughout my almost 20 years in the Air Force, I've met people from all walks of life, all ranks and positions and of all ages. They almost all contributed in some way to helping me become the SNCO I am today, but there are a few that I will never forget. The one who left the most lasting impression was a former supervisor. Not only was he my
  • How the Military Pro Bono Project Saved My Family

    I have been checking my mailbox every day since Thanksgiving. The letter I'm looking for is from the U.S. Department of State. When I open it, I will find the overseas birth certificate of my oldest son, who will be nine in March.There's a special reason why this is so significant. The birth certificate will have a different name on it. Not a new
  • 'Who is it We Are?'

    One of the best things about Air Force Airmen is our diversity. We all come from different places, cultures, ethnicities, and some from different countries. These strengths make us unstoppable and world renowned. How we use this strength enables us to gather many ideas on accomplishing the mission at hand and see a situation from another's
  • Leadership Lessons: Make your change... and maintain!

    "Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes." - Johann von GoetheIt's a new year and that normally lends itself to people making changes in their lives. These changes can be any form of self-improvement, health, habits, focus, and career. Although these are all important parts of being productive individuals, the key
  • Leadership Lessons: Success through motivation

    Leaders are in a constant struggle to determine how to drive people to feel personal satisfaction from accomplishing their job resulting in highly productive workers. One concept to accomplishing this goal comes from author Dan Pink in his book Drive. He investigates the relationship between high job performance and worker satisfaction through
  • Reserving a new spot in the Air Force

    Do you remember your very first job interview? I remember mine; when the interviewer started asking me questions about what qualities I bring to the table, I could feel a sudden rush of nervousness run through my veins. I try to stay calm by breathing, but I can sense my Filipino accent trickling out with every word I say, my eyes start burning and