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Submissions are anonymous, and you will not receive a direct response. Once addressed by wing leadership, the response to your concern may be posted below, pending subject matter.

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Recent Submissions

Burger King

Action Line Question: When can we see changes at BK in the Xchange? Poor mgt, poor service, not staffed, shake machine has been out for several months! We don't have much on this base to choose from, and would be nice if we had something that offered good service on a regular basis. Thanks You.

Burger King: A new Burger King manager was selected mid-August and shortly after two of the Foreman submitted notice they would be leaving.  We have hired one new Foreman and are working on hiring another plus additional counter staff.  Hiring for food here continues to be a challenge due to the drive from town, especially during winter months.  To meet current needs, AAFES brought in a Foreman on temporary duty from Fort Sam Houston, Texas to assist until they get additional staff and get our new management fully certified according to Burger King standards.

The replacement shake machine arrived in July parts issues and AAFES is working on a second replacement. 

The Exchange has made great strides diversifying the food selections here on base bringing in Steers, Little Bangkok, and Hunt Brothers Pizza all in the last 18 months.  Other on base dining options include the commissary, dining facility, bowling center and the Northern Lights club.


Dorms - Barnes Hall Heat

Action Line Question: Hi! I live in the dorms at Barnes hall and it is so cold in my room since the heaters have not been turned units difficult to sleep and as a result my work performance suffers. I understand there is maintenance being done for which I am grateful that we will have improved hvac, but can you please make an effort to have the heaters switched on asap? From my understanding with speaking with the adl, all the heaters for base facilities are turned on at the same time. I just ask for there to be no delay between the completion of the maintenance and the turning on of the heaters. Thank you.

Thanks for highlighting this concern about heating in Barnes Hall.

Wing Leadership Response: I’ve asked for an update from 319 CES on the Summer to Winter Transition Plan.  Here’s a summary:

Starting on or about 1 Oct each year the HVAC/R section begins transferring the base from comfort cooling mode to heating mode.  This process normally takes the shop approximately 2 weeks to complete since there are 221 facilities having at least one boiler and air handler if not more.  The normal goal is to be complete with the transition by 15 Oct.  Shop personnel will do an eyes-on operational test for each and every boiler/air handling unit to confirm they have properly transferred.  These are industrial systems and are unlike your basic home heating/cooling system which can be changed with a flip of the switch.  Even though over 50% of our heating systems are automatically controlled by our EMCS program, each system still needs to be looked at for proper operation.  The temperature swing during this time period makes it difficult to establish hard turn-on dates so there will inevitably be time where work areas will be too warm or too cold for short periods of time.  Based on mission priorities and CES’s best judgement, the plan is to turn on heaters in the following order:

Daycare/Youth Centers

Mission Critical Facilities (B607 Command Post, B314 HFGCS)

24 hour Operation Work Facilities (B633 Fire Dept, B339 SFS, B542 69 RG, etc.)

Dormitories and Lodging

Customer related facilities (BX, Commissary, Dining Facility, Fitness Center, AFRC, etc.)

Work Centers

UPDATE:  As of 7 October, 319 CES reports that all dormitories and lodging are in their winter configuration.  Many thanks to the hard-working HVAC teams that destroyed our expectations to take care of our airmen as winter weather approaches.

Winter is just about here!  Be ready!


Landscaping - Ground Maintenance Contract Inclusion (I- & J- Street)

Action Line Question: Can we get the grass and trees cut along the sidewalks both on J st, and I st. I would like to walk with my kids, but the grass is so long and tree branches are in the way. Thank You.

Wing Leadership Response: Thanks for pointing out the issues on this path. I’m told the grass on the indicated path has been cut, and we’ll look at the trees as part of our overall contract to maintain the great paths on this base.  Please keep walking and we appreciate the feedback.



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