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  • Heroes at Home: Senior Airman Alexis D. Lezcano

    I came into the military in January 2010 with only $86 in my bank account. My credit history at that point was non-existent. My Beacon score was around 570.I didn't really do anything for the first two years. I was at Royal Air Force Lakenheath and living in the dorms, so things like a car were out of the question.When I arrived at Grand Forks, I
  • Leadership Lessons: Listen to the Janitor

    The El Cortez Hotel in San Diego is known to many architects and engineers as a trend setter. While that is true in many respects, I think the following story has another lesson to offer. Back in its prime, it was one of the more elegant hotels in the country and was often the destination of choice, not so much for what the local area in San Diego
  • Heroes at Home: Retired Tech. Sgt. Mischelle L. Prince

    (Editor's Note: This article is theĀ first of a three-part series by Airmen who have received financial management assistance from the Grand Forks Air Force Base Airman & Family Readiness Center. The series will lead up to the Heroes at Home program hosted by the A&FRC, May 12, 2015 from 1-3 p.m. at the Northern Lights Club.)I got my very first
  • Leadership Lessons: From Seahawks to Global Hawks

    A few months ago two titans of the gridiron, the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, played each other in Super Bowl Forty-nine. The Patriots out-played Seattle throughout the first half until a feverish final two-minutes and sixteen-seconds that included three touchdowns.The concluding moments of the game were an all-out tug-o-war with
  • Preventing sexual assault in the Air Force is our enduring responsibility

    As we begin Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, clear signs point to the progress we have made in combating sexual assault. We can cite encouraging numbers in the areas of prevalence, reporting and convictions; however, this serves as only the beginning of an enduring effort. This effort must continue without pause and we must not lose
  • Leadership Lessons: All the right reasons

    The part of Massachusetts I grew up in wasn't what most people think of when they think of Massachusetts. Most people associate the state with Boston, the New England Patriots, fresh lobsters, etc. Sadly though, I didn't see much of that. The city I was born and raised in is called Holyoke, and in Holyoke, bad choices seemed to be what made us
  • Resiliency through Holocaust Remembrance Month

    Every spring our Nation remembers the six million deaths of innocent victims that were humiliated, starved and incinerated for being different. The void that was left by the loss of their lives marked a point in the world history books that will remain blemished for centuries to come. Among the victims were Jews, Poles, Russians, Gypsies, disabled
  • Leadership Lessons: Words to lead by

    Like most of you, I wasn't born into privilege. My dad was a teacher and my parents served as missionaries in Ecuador - neither profession paid well. We moved frequently and I attended eight schools before graduating high school. My mom suffered from severe depression and when I was in the second grade, my dad became ill and began three long years
  • Network 5/6: NCOs making a difference

    "NCOs making a difference" is the motto of the Grand Forks Air Force Base Network 5/6, but you may ask how the Network 5/6 makes a difference.The Network 5/6 is one of the many different professional organizations that are located here, however it is the only organization that is specifically meant for the personnel in the E-5 and E-6 ranks
  • It takes little steps to reach the big goal

    Graduating Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) and starting work at a United States embassy in 2012 was anything but effortless, but shouldn't there have been a band, photographers, or at least someone very important escorting me to my own parking spot? OK, those things may have been more than I expected, and reality didn't quite work out the way