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  • Annual autocross event brings Airmen and the local community together

    Airmen and civilians were brought together on Grand Forks Air Force Base, N.D., with a unique common interest. This year from Aug. 7-8, the 319th Reconnaissance Wing held an autocross event that allowed base personnel and residents to meet people with a shared interest in racing sports cars.  

  • A Warrior's Ethos: Security Forces

    U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jonathan Cornelius, assigned to the 319th Security Forces Squadron as a Base Defense Operations Center controller, is the embodiment of the warrior ethos that an Air Force career like security forces demands every day. However, working in a military occupation demands more

  • Grand Forks Airman rises to the challenge

    Airman 1st Class Maria Moskvichova works as an operations management journeyman in the 319th Civil Engineer Squadron, where she handles customer service and manages inventory for units across the installation. Her unique achievements and background contribute to her dedicated work ethic and set her

  • Local military ambassadors awarded at Grand Forks AFB

    Each of Grand Forks Air Force Base's military ambassadors, or representatives for such, accepted an Air Force Civilian Achievement Award Medal during a ceremony as recognition for their dedicated work and support towards the base October 26, 2018 on Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota.

  • Chief couple of Grand Forks AFB reflect on experiences

    There are often times where there will be military spouses who are both active-duty members. However, how often do you see both spouses remain in active-duty together? According to the Air Force Portal, there are currently only 28,366 dual military spouses. Not only is being an active-duty military

  • Beyond Visual Line of Sight: The Future is NOW!

    An unmanned aircraft flew for the first time Aug 20, 2018, beyond the visual line of sight without the use of a chase airplane in controlled airspace out of Grand Sky located at Grand Forks Air Force Base.A certificate of authorization issued this month allows aircraft to take off from Grand Sky

  • Diversity and the Air Force: Amn Junjhyun Lee

    The Air Force prides itself in its diversity. Many service members come from all parts of the world and share a common goal of protecting America’s freedom. The AF gives service members an opportunity to provide for their families, further their education, travel and have new experiences.

  • Diversity and the Air Force: A1C Dovydas Sapkauskas

    Service members come from all walks of life. Not a single service member is the same as another, considering each come from his or her own unique background. One of the most diverse group of service members is the one including those who come into the military from a different country seeking better