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  • Area Defense Counsel offers legal support

    Airmen are held to a higher standard than their civilian counterparts. In the event Airmen fall short of that standard, they are met with consequences of adverse military actions. The manner in which one responds to those actions could either rebuild their Air Force career or set them on a path towards discharge. The Area Defense Counsel assist
  • Defender appreciation through the eyes of a First Sergeant

    A first sergeants’ role is to serve as the senior enlisted adviser to their unit commander. First sergeants take care of their Airmen and guide disciplinary actions when needed. The first sergeant of the 319th Security Forces Squadron is showing his appreciation to his defenders by performing different aspects of their career field.Master Sgt.
  • Avoid West Nile Virus with simple precautions

    With the sun shining and the birds chirping, summer is finally in full swing. This means an increase in time spent outdoors for you and your loved ones. However, summer also means a drastic rise in the mosquito population. While most people simply consider mosquitos a nuisance, it is important to remember that they can also carry and spread
  • Degrees of growth

    A key to progress in both a career and in life is to accept change and grow with it, whether in or outside the military.A few Airmen here recently spoke about what change means to them and how it's helped them in their careers, as well as their personal lives.Tech. Sgt. Chelsea Roberts, 319th Force Support Squadron Airman Leadership School
  • A woman's perspective: How the Air Force has changed

    She lets out an exuberant laugh as she describes the box shape of her first uniform. She recalls thinking she looked like the cartoon character Gumby. There is a light in her eyes as she reminisces about the past. Retired Col. Barbara Chine joined the Air Force Sept. 24, 1979, when women were beginning to serve in traditionally male career fields
  • Sleep is serious: Catch your Zzzs

    "Beep. Beep. Beep," the alarm blares. Time to get up. Do you hit snooze?On average, we spend 33 percent of our lives asleep. When assessing your overall health, have you considered your sleep habits?Sleep hygiene, as researchers call it, involves a variety of different behavioral practices which are necessary for quality sleep and full alertness
  • Resiliency: Grand Forks AFB youth, family an example of strength

    Expectant parents have less than nine months to prepare for the challenges of parenthood. Fears about the child's health and future can creep into a new parent's mind, but after the first few weeks most parents are lucky enough to hear their child is healthy and happy. The real fear of parenthood can be dealing with a health issue that you weren't
  • 319th OSS Weather Flight operates, rain or shine

    For most people, talking about the weather is a way to break the ice with someone new. For others, talking about the weather is a full-time job.The 319th Operations Support Squadron Weather Flight operates 24-7 to keep Airmen and their families safe and to keep the mission moving forward."A lot of people just think weather is for the base and we
  • Living up to their squadron's middle name

    Members of the 319th Logistics Readiness Squadron are being trained in hand-to-hand combat with the help of the 319th Security Forces Squadron combative trainers.The objective of the training is to teach unarmed combat skills. Lessons are offered once a month for LRS and can last up to six hours.Tech. Sgt. Joshua Eisenman, 319th LRS unit deployment
  • Airman from Trinidad has a purpose

    Airman 1st Class Brandon Massiah, 319th Logistics Readiness Squadron traffic management apprentice, is on his way to officially becoming a U.S. citizen.He and his mother are originally from Trinidad and Tabago, San Fernando. He was raised in Trinidad by his grandmother while his mother went to United States to seek for a new beginning, eventually