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  • Innovating into the Wild Blue Yonder

    Every Airman, across every career field, is responsible for driving airpower. The time is now for Airmen to accelerate change and innovate within their work centers.

  • While we wait ...

    I’ve become very accustomed to the feeling of uncertainty. But what does it really mean to wait? Does waiting mean your work is done and you can just relax? In my humble opinion, it’s the exact opposite.

  • To fear, or to respect: that is the question

    We as Airmen are told to respect many things: the uniform, the service, our superiors, our veterans and each other. Then why, in my opinion, does it feel like there is this unsaid expectation to fear those above us?

  • It’s what you do next

    For those Airmen, it’s about what they do next. The ability to bounce back and be resilient when facing adversity is one of the most important tools in every person’s life. Every successful person has been a failure for a period of their life.

  • Women's History Month: Why We Celebrate

    Women’s History Month is a time to reflect and celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of women throughout history. During the month of March, we pause to remember and honor the women who have served in or with the Armed Forces. This year’s theme is “Honoring Trailblazing Women Who Have

  • The Government Purchase Card Program (or how to stay out of Headline News)

    The government purchase card program is a commander’s tool for units to acquire mission essential goods and services. The rules are really quite simple when making purchases: document the rationale, show accountability and follow the monetary thresholds assigned. Then ask yourself, is this mission

  • Education and the Air Force lifestyle

    I had the fortunate opportunity to be selected for the University of Tennessee Strategic Leadership Program and have learned advanced leadership skills among some of the finest leaders in our Air Force. I was talking to a group of Airmen recently about the program and my experience, and a comment

  • AF COOL: Certified, Professional Airmen

    Here I am, a new Airman who has recently become acquainted to the surrounding area and the mission of his first base. I’m excited and honored to serve in the Air Force and anticipating the great opportunities that will arise for me to advance in my career and personal goals.One thing that was