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  • Fireworks...snap, crackle, pain!

    Even though the 4th of July is over, fireworks remain a traditional part of summer. For many of us, this time of year isn’t complete without sparklers and the chorus of ooh’s and aah’s when it finally gets dark and the big show begins. However, these fun celebrations can quickly be ruined when people are careless, do not follow proper safety
  • Making the wrong decision: My story

    Are you one of those people that have at times considered driving under the influence? If so, read my story before you make a mistake you’ll regret for a long time. I am Senior Airman Charles E. Velazquez and I consider myself a motivated, hard working Airman who enjoys being in the Air Force. Unfortunately, I recently made a decision that could
  • We’re Counting On You

    Decisions….we all make them. As Airmen, we are challenged to make good decisions everyday. This not only applies to our work, but also in our personal lives. The keys to making the right decisions are responsibility and judgment. The fundamental premise of the 0-0-1-3 campaign is to encourage responsibility and good judgment when you decide to
  • NCO works to ensure equipment never used

    In the middle of the desert is a Warrior of the North who does his job with the hope that the equipment he works on will never be used. “Basically if the aircrew has to use our stuff, they are having a really bad day,” said Tech. Sgt. Rodney Coy (NCO in charge of the 340th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron aircrew life support section, deployed
  • Out of the sky like a dagger

    The “Black Daggers,” the U.S. Army Special Operations Command's parachute demonstration team (performing at the base’s July 22 Air Show) is made up of volunteers from throughout the Army special operations community. They have diverse backgrounds and various military specialties. Their average age is 33 years and the average number of free fall
  • Ensuring success at home, while deployed

    You just received the notification of your deployment and you realize that 120 days is the minimum you will be apart from your family. But you accept it: it comes with the job and is something you can expect many times during your career. What do you do first? For me, the first step is to tell my husband, who also happens to be a servicemember, so
  • Warriors squeeze past Canadians to end season

    The Warrior men’s varsity basketball team put an exclamation mark to the season as they claimed the May Long Tournament championship by upsetting the University of Winnipeg, 68-66. The Warriors came into the tournament with an overall 27-24 record, reeling from tough defeats at the Aloha Classic, held at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii. “We wanted to
  • GFAFB home to two national champions

    Fitness is truly a family affair for 13-year-old Rebekah Givens and her sisters, Joanna, Deborah and Sarah. All four girls actively participate in FitFactor, an Air Force fitness program aimed at keeping kids active. Having logged over 25,000 points a piece, Rebekah and 10-year-old Joanna have reached the highest level in the program: the
  • Grand Forks Air Force Base Airshow spotlight: "SkyDancer"

    Originally designed as a trainer for the Royal Canadian Air Force, the 1956 de Havilland Chipmunk (right) has been specially modified for air show aerobatics, including the base’s July 22 air show. In fact, nearly 3,000 man-hours over a two-year period were spent on giving the Sky Dancer a cruising speed of 150 miles per hour and a range of more
  • How to keep your body working by keeping it hydrated

    Some of us think of sweat as an annoying thing our body does to let everyone else know we are either too hot or nervous. In reality, it is our body’ s way of regulating temperature. Your body can lose between one and a half and two and a half liters of water per hour, but it can only reabsorb one per hour. That means in times of strenuous activity,