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  • Electricity is a constant in our lives

    Electricity is present and necessary in nearly all aspects of our life, from stop lights to computers. Many of us seldom think about how much energy we use costs. At home and work we all need to be aware of the energy we consume because it affects us all. Electricity costs and demands are rising. According to the Energy Information Agency; the US
  • As the snow falls

    OK, it snowed last night and you might be asking yourself some questions. What time do I need to report for duty, do the kids go to school today or do I just crawl back into bed and wait for spring? Well, I'm going to try and answer these and some other pressing questions that arise when those first snowflakes of winter drift to the ground. As much
  • Parents at the front line against kids' obesity

    According to the Journal of American Medicine, nearly 32 percent of all American children between the ages of two through 19 needs to lose weight to avoid chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Military families aren't exempt; a 2005 survey reported that nearly 20 percent of Department of Defense teenagers are obese. Obesity means
  • After Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis: What Next?

    "You have breast cancer." A diagnosis of breast cancer can be one of the most terrifying experiences of a person's life. Even if you're expecting it, you're braced for it and you're simply waiting for the confirmation, not much else in the world can change your life as completely as those four words. In such a trying time, it's good to have the
  • Choosing to bend your light

    In 1919 a team of researchers led by Sir Arthur Eddington conducted a famous experiment to measure the precise location of stars surrounding the sun during an eclipse. To the shock of scientists everywhere, Eddington's results confirmed a phenomenon that Albert Einstein had predicted 4 years earlier - that the light from stars would "bend" as it
  • Information sharing; good or bad?

    You may think sharing snippets of mission related information with family and friends on the phone, through email or social networks is no big deal, nor is disclosing your own or someone else's personal information. How could you possibly be the cause of someone losing their identity or worse their life? If this is your thought process you couldn't
  • Why are we here?

    I would like for each of you this morning to consider three questions or more appropriately one question three times. Why are we here? Why are we here? We are here to remember those who lost their lives eight years ago today on Sept. 11, 2001, and those who continue to do so today combating terrorism around the world. We remember those who made the
  • Air Force birthday is an opportunity to recognize 62 years of success

    On Sept. 18, 1947, our Air Force became a separate branch of the military. Since then our unequalled accomplishments have helped provide a beacon of hope for men, women, and children all over the world. Throughout our command's rich history, we have evolved from Air Transportation Command to Air Mobility Command, which now encompasses airlift, air
  • On Labor Day, remember our Airmen work hard to defend freedom

    As I visit with people at bases throughout Air Mobility Command and our operations across the globe, one thing I always admire is the strong spirit of our Airmen and civilians who keep the mobility mission moving day in and day out. We have an extremely important mission in AMC, supporting our Nation at home and abroad while operating in harm's way
  • Voluntary Protection Program – Meaningful Employee Involvement

    Be your own safety manager! It was the theme for the 2008 "101 Critical Days of Summer". It is also a key component of the Voluntary Protection Program. VPP is the OSHA recognition program aimed at improving your workplace safety and reducing injuries and illness. It's a really nice slogan, right? Honestly, who cares more about your safety and