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  • Leadership Lessons: The ‘Head Fake’

    "The obvious thing for the cavalryman to do is to accept the fighting machine as a partner, and prepare to meet more fully the demands of future warfare.""Do everything you ask of those you command."-- General George S. Patton, Jr.The "head fake" is a classic sports move used to trick an opponent into committing toward one direction while the other
  • Leadership Lessons: Have you checked your tires lately?

    Your attitude is a choice and one that you make every day, many times a day. Think about the power that you have with this, not only affecting you but the people around you. A situation is thrown at you, good or bad, and you get to call the shots on how you're going to interpret and handle it. Life and work can throw you many circumstances, but how
  • Leadership Lessons: Represent!

    As a new squadron commander, I wanted to be able to relay expectations for my team in an easy, concise phrase they could remember and think about: "Represent the Air Force to the best of your abilities, and never lose sight of our core values." This was part of my change of command speech, and it's been reiterated at every commander's call. Each
  • Grand Forks AFB: Powered by Airmen and fueled by innovation

    "The story of the Air Force is a story of innovation," observes the Air Force Vision. "Airmen, using their unique perspective, have long stood for and pioneered innovative ways to win the fight while shaping the future."Indeed, a culture of innovation is the reason why the United States Air Force remains the world's greatest air force. Airmen are
  • Leadership Lessons: Get'r Done

    The people who depend on you expect you to get the job done. It doesn't matter who depends on you; it can be anyone--your employer, your supervisor, your significant other, family, friend or even a total stranger. Think about the people in your life. Ask yourself, who can I depend on, and why? Leaders often describe their employees using three
  • Commentary: 'Be the One'

     Five months ago, while reviewing paperwork at my desk, I received an e-mail notification with the subject line that read "Curious." My immediate reaction was making a face with "puzzled" written all over it because I don't normally receive e-mails with such a title. I stopped what I was doing and opened the message. It read, "Is this the same Joe
  • Leadership Lessons: My Biggest Mistake as an NCO

    What was the most important leadership lesson you learned during your career? This question has been asked of me quite a few times as I get the awesome opportunity to speak with our Airmen around base. I have been asked this question from such groups as the First-Term Airmen Center, Airmen Leadership School and the Senior NCO Induction class this
  • Grand Forks AFB: Support that Spans the Entire Spectrum!

    A curious phenomenon occurs when I'm traveling and inform a fellow Airman that I'm stationed at Grand Forks AFB; I suspect many of you have had this same experience. After we get past the obligatory discussion of the weather ("Yes, it does get a bit cold!"), the conversation frequently turns to our mission. More often than not I'm asked, "Do you
  • Fightin’ From the Forks…Warriors of the North!

    Warriors of the North, I have the distinct privilege to kick off a series of commentaries by leaders here at Grand Forks AFB. I believe it is important for leaders to communicate their thoughts to their people. All the Airmen at Grand Forks AFB deserve to know where their leadership stands on a whole host of issues--those issues that confront us
  • Airman uses grandfather's advice and art skills to honor his sisters-in-arms

    I'm a self-taught graphic artist working as a public affairs specialist for the Air Force.I developed my artistic skills out of necessity early in my career while serving as the editor for the newspaper at my first base in west Texas. I would occasionally get an assignment to write a story promoting a future event or program with no photo or