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  • Leadership Lessons: Self-Assessment Beyond "Understand the Importance Of..."

    "We need a strong commitment from each of you to sustain this purposeful momentum going forward."~ Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen Mark A. Welsh III & Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James A. CodyLate last month, the Air Force launched three new performance feedback forms for mandatory use starting July 1, 2014. The Airman Comprehensive
  • Scars of DUI: It ends with me

    As a young child, you don't think much if someone doesn't show up when they're supposed to because you have better, "more important" things to worry about; like bugs and dolls. They're just another shape flashing around you in your own little world.Occasionally, a child will stop and ask a question about the sky, or their toys, or where their
  • Leadership Lessons: What really counts?

    In the Air Force, we love numbers. Numbers permeate our existence. We can hardly have a conversation without referencing at least one number. We are number crazy! Don't believe me? We denote our rank with numbers (E-5, O-3). We have instruction numbers, task numbers, building numbers, gate numbers, tail numbers, and numbered Air Forces. Our
  • Scars of DUI: Red

    (EDITOR'S NOTE: The following article features graphic descriptions.)I remember the plush, green grass on my bare feet as I ran to the family station wagon for a trip to the local ice cream shop. My new outfit felt scratchy on my sunburned skin. It had been an exciting birthday party. The sun was beginning to set behind the trees, turning the
  • Leadership Lessons: Embrace the here and now

    To this point in my Air Force career, I have been stationed at eight bases. To be honest, sometimes I felt like as though the Air Force made a mistake sending me to some of those bases! But I always put "service before self" and made them into fun, interesting assignments. In the end, I left each base with great memories, and I believe Grand Forks
  • ‘Scars of DUI’: An almost impossible funeral

    Hi there, I'm a spouse here at Grand Forks AFB. My husband and I have been here roughly a year.About a month ago my husband, who is in the Communications Squadron, received a text message the evening prior to his day off. He was instructed to come in the following morning in full service blues because someone in his squadron had received an
  • Leadership Lessons: Who would you follow?

    Over the last year I have enjoyed reading articles from our Wing leadership on their perspectives and experiences which have made them better leaders. I have great admiration for their words of wisdom and have benefited from their shared experiences.When I was asked to write a leadership piece I had a moment of hesitation because unlike my peers, I
  • My First Scar

    One day I was in a meeting with some fellow Airmen."I'm sure you already heard about it, but the base had another Airman get arrested for driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence," our superintendent said. "So what can we do as a public affairs unit to help be part of the solution and help prevent them from reoccurring?"Like many
  • Leadership Lessons: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

    "Lean on the top three", "don't be that cocky new LT", "trust your subordinates", "learn from your senior enlisted", and "take care of your people". These are the words I've heard consistently throughout the past five years.Being a new lieutenant, I don't have powerful words of wisdom to share. With that being said, I would like to explain my
  • Leadership Lessons: The value of training

    When we think about all the training we have to do, we get frustrated and sometimes don't always understand the purpose. Instead of being frustrated by the training, have you ever stopped to think how the training you have received has helped you and/or made you better? Training comes in so many different shapes and forms, and we all learn and take