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  • Airshow spotlight: Julie Clark, “Free Spirit”

    You would think being a captain for Northwest Airlines would satisfy one’s desire to be airborne. Not so for Julie Clark. For more than 27 years, after delivering business travelers and vacationers safely to their destination, you would find Julie taking her love of aviation to new height aboard her T-34 Mentor “Free Spirit” or her yellow T-28 “Top
  • Firefighters support counter-drug operations

    A little island 35 miles off the coast of Venezuela was the temporary southern home for a dozen Warriors of the North as they conducted firefighting operations in support of counter drug missions that included aircraft from the U.S. Navy and Great Britain. The firefighters were at the island of Curacao as part of a rotating mission with U.S.
  • K-9 team victorious in Iraq

    It’s a hot night and the air seems is filled with tension, dust and possibilities. Engine noise is muffled by the reinforced armor and glass surrounding the vehicle like a cocoon. Suddenly the relative peace explodes in hail of bullets peppering the armor and the vehicle swerves to the side. It’s the first operation in Iraq for Staff Sergeant
  • One phone call to a changed life

    When a back injury kept Senior Airman Suzanne Hoey from keeping fit, she knew she had to do something drastic. Luckily, Airman Hoey knew exactly what her goals were, “lose weight, become more physically fit, meet Air Force standards and ultimately feel healthier on a day-to-day basis.” The problem was deciding how she was going to meet those goals.
  • Base named ‘Tree City USA’

    The National Arbor Day Foundation recently named Grand Forks Air Force Base “Tree City USA” and a winner of its “Growth Award” for commitment to forestry. The naming marked the 13th year the base has been recognized as a “Tree City USA,” which honors communities that maintain a tree board or department, a tree care ordinance, a comprehensive
  • ACTing can help reduce risks

    Many of us know Operational Risk Management as a six-step decision-making process that evaluates possible courses of action, identifies risks and benefits, and determines the best action for any given situation. But, did you know there is a simpler three step ORM principle that can ease your way through the process? The “ACT” principle breaks ORM
  • Are you ready to deploy?

    Imagine you’re told, “Pack your bags.” Are you ready to deploy? Are your personal affairs in order? Who will handle your personal affairs while you’re gone? These are questions you need to address before you are told to pack your bags. When you are deployed, it’s important you know your personal affairs are taken care of so you can concentrate on
  • Base youth earns praise for education 'mission'

    An abiding love of her country and a desire to avoid the mistakes of the past has led one Grand Forks Air Force Base youth on a path; some would say “a mission,” earning her state recognition and the chance to compete on a national stage. On Saturday, base leaders and the American Legion presented a trophy to Rebecca Shelton, the 17-year old,
  • Calling for 'culture of responsibility'

    For several months, the “0-0-1-3” concept, a shorthand device representing the Air Force’s commitment to a culture of individual responsibility, has been a buzz phrase here. Standing for zero tolerance for driving under the influence, zero instances of underage drinking, a maximum of one drink an hour and three per night, 0-0-1-3 is less about