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833 Multimedia Request Form

  • All PA support requests must be submitted via completed Air Force Form 833 sent to the 319 RW/PA email account at as far in advance as possible, but no later than 3 business days beforehand. Advance notice provides PA the ability to ensure the necessary equipment and personnel are available. Failure to coordinate in advance will reduce the likelihood that the event can receive PA support. As the trained communication experts, 319 RW/PA staff reserves the right to determine products which meet the communication objective.

Studio Photography

  • Studio photography is available for official portraits as required by AFI as well as applications for special assignments, official passports and citizenship applications. Official portraits will be provided for leadership at the squadron level and above (commander, senior enlisted leader and first sergeant) as well as quarterly and annual award winners at the wing level and above. Electronic copies will be provided to the requester. Printed copies of group-level leaders or higher, as needed for leadership walls, will be printed upon request.

319 RW/PA Employment Plan

  • PA resources are critical to enhance Airmen morale and readiness, develop public support and trust, and support global influence and deterrence. It is imperative that these finite resources be applied toward activities that most directly support the 319 RW, associate units, Air Combat Command (ACC) and Air Force priorities. Inappropriate use detracts from the ability to support these priorities. This memorandum details multimedia services available to base-wide customers.