Enlisted Dining Facility Authorization Change

from From Air Mobility Command

3/3/2007 - SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, ILL. -- In conjunction with Air Mobility Command's contract support and reduction initiative, personnel authorized access to utilize enlisted dining facilities has been modified. The intent of dining facilities is to provide subsistence entitlements to enlisted members residing in dormitories, provide a training environment for food service personnel, and provide flight meal service in support of daily operations.

In recent years, enlisted dining facilities have incurred enormous costs associated with allowing non-mission essential personnel to use enlisted dining facilities. The purpose of this change is to reduce mess attendant operation cost and have a consistent policy across the command which is in line with the enlisted dining facility mission.

"This new policy will allow Services Squadrons to better serve our military men and women and reduce unnecessary expenditures." stated Col. Benjamin D. Trotter, Chief, AMC Services Operations Division. I also encourage patrons to utilize the many fine Services facilities on their installations and remember that when you support your local services facilities you are supporting your local community, Colonel Trotter concluded.

Effective immediately, the following personnel are authorized use of base dining facilities:

a. Enlisted members receiving Essential Station Messing or Basic Allowance for Subsistence.
b. Wing, Group, Squadron, and Squadron Section Commanders when conducting periodic evaluations to assess the quality of food and service provided. This authorization cannot be delegated further.
c. Active duty family members, retirees, and their immediate family members on federal holidays, Easter, and Air Force birthday only.
d. Military/civilians in TDY status with meal portion of per diem authorized on the orders. Orders must be presented when paying for the meal.
e. Officers/DOD civilians may eat during the midnight meal while on duty if there is a lack of other eating establishments on or near the installation during the midnight hours.