Looking to plan a base-wide event?

Special events hosted on base that are intended to gather more than 30 people require review and approval from the 319th Reconnaissance Wing Commander. Squadron or Group specific events are not included in this requirement.

Private and professional organizations planning events that meet these criteria must also follow this policy. You can read the full memorandum HERE

The event planning process begins with contacting the 319th RW Integrated Resilience Office no later than six months before the intended date of the event. All event requests should align with a Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF) domain, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiative and/or a 319th RW Commander priority
*You can submit an event request with the contact form at the bottom of this page.

It is recommended to have one primary date and two alternate dates for every event request to ensure scheduling flexibility. Your requested event date may be denied and recommended to move for the following reasons:

  • Two large events should not be scheduled in the same week
  • Events similar in nature, theme and scope should not be scheduled in the same month
  • Two similar events scheduled within two months of each other may be recommended to be combined to maximize participation and resources

319th RW Commander Review/Approval

Project officers are required to provide an event briefing no earlier than 90 days of the scheduled event, and no later than 30 days before. This briefing can be accomplished in person or via email depending on the risk associated with the event activities and Commander availability. A guide to preparing this briefing can be found as an attachment HERE

Planning Checklist Progress

Project officers will report their checklist progress to the 319th RW IRO at least monthly. Failure to complete checklist items according to the recommended timeline and/or the required actions may result in event cancellation. The standardized 319th RW special event planning checklist can be found HERE

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