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Base schedules aerial spraying of mosquitoes

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Officials here are working with the 757th Airlift Squadron from Youngstown Air Reserve Station, Ohio, for an aerial mosquito control spray mission. 

Spraying will commence at about 6 a.m., May 13 and normally takes one hour to complete. In the event of inclement weather or high winds, spraying will be postponed to a later time during the same day or the following day. The spraying could potentially last until May 15. Additionally, the aerial spray mission may be cancelled if mosquito larva counts, conducted by base public health officials, do not warrant aerial application. 

The purpose of the spraying mission is to treat inaccessible marshy areas with larvicide to prevent mosquitoes from emerging into adults. The overall goal is to lower the number of irritations and infections associated with mosquito bites as well as minimize the threat of West Nile Virus. 

An environmental assessment was accomplished and a finding of "no significant impact" was determined. The spray is not harmful to humans, animal or crops and will not affect parklands, wetlands, farmlands and wild and scenic areas. It is recommended for base occupants to remain indoors during the aerial spraying
For more information, contact the public affairs office.