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  • Grand Forks Airman rises to the challenge

    Airman 1st Class Maria Moskvichova works as an operations management journeyman in the 319th Civil Engineer Squadron, where she handles customer service and manages inventory for units across the installation. Her unique achievements and background contribute to her dedicated work ethic and set her

  • Chief couple of Grand Forks AFB reflect on experiences

    There are often times where there will be military spouses who are both active-duty members. However, how often do you see both spouses remain in active-duty together? According to the Air Force Portal, there are currently only 28,366 dual military spouses. Not only is being an active-duty military

  • Reflections of Chief Master Sergeants

    Recalling his early memories of the chief master sergeants who left impressions of exemplary leadership and model airmanship, (Ret) Chief Master Sgt. Calvin Markham expressively described Chief Master Sgt. Roberts. “This 6’3” polar bear grip, crusty old chief master sergeant walks in the room, and