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  • Chief couple of Grand Forks AFB reflect on experiences

    There are often times where there will be military spouses who are both active-duty members. However, how often do you see both spouses remain in active-duty together? According to the Air Force Portal, there are currently only 28,366 dual military spouses. Not only is being an active-duty military

  • Diversity and the Air Force: Amn Junjhyun Lee

    The Air Force prides itself in its diversity. Many service members come from all parts of the world and share a common goal of protecting America’s freedom. The AF gives service members an opportunity to provide for their families, further their education, travel and have new experiences.

  • Diversity and the Air Force: A1C Dovydas Sapkauskas

    Service members come from all walks of life. Not a single service member is the same as another, considering each come from his or her own unique background. One of the most diverse group of service members is the one including those who come into the military from a different country seeking better

  • An Airman's journey to his dream

    There was a crinkle in his forehead when asked to recount his past experiences; remembering the intricate details of trials and tribulations today could not be easy. When describing his experiences through his journey, he seemed to be the kind of person who would be relentless to achieve his dreams.

  • Annual cookie drive delivers nearly 3,000 treats to Airmen

    The holiday season is a great time to get together and celebrate with family, especially for Airmen who haven’t been home in months, but the truth is not everyone is fortunate enough to do so. The Airmen in the dorms who have to or choose to stay on base during the month of December received a sweet

  • AF motivates Airman to get, stay in shape

    Looking at Bristow now, standing at 5 feet 10 inches, weighing roughly 180 pounds, it is completely unapparent he used to weigh almost 220 pounds two years ago. With motivation from his brothers and the prospects of joining the Air Force, Bristow was able to accomplish his goals to improve his