Knowledge operations provides safety, security

  • Published
  • By Airman Colin Perkins
  • 319th Reconnaissance Wing Public Affairs

Managing and overseeing information is critical in any career field. It is especially vital here at Grand Forks Air Force Base due to how important that information can be.

The 319th Communications Squadron knowledge operations manages five programs: Privacy Act, Freedom of Information Act, Records Management, SharePoint and Public Information. Each one of these programs is used for the management and facilitation of critical information, records and data.

“We maintain and produce a lot of essential records and information that is extremely important required to operate as a unit and a squadron,” said Senior Airman Bijan Mansouri, a knowledge management technician with the 319th CS knowledge operations flight. “There are specific records within squadrons that go all the way up to the wing level that state whether an organization can facilitate those records, and how they are organized and stored the proper way.”

The individuals within knowledge operations work to be able to provide a balance for each of the five programs and the cases that fall within them.

“We all tend to find a specific skillset that usually falls into one of the categories or programs we deal with,” Mansouri said. “Despite that, we all make sure we can attend to whatever cases that might come in. We obviously still work in all five programs so it’s extremely important that we fit that multi-capable airman role.”

Mansouri said that people should know that the role of a knowledge operations management technician is to facilitate, review, organize and keep safe any records and data that contain critical information as well as making sure any information that is released is done so properly.