Getting out in Grand Forks: the Lincoln Drive Park

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Ryan Sparks
  • 319th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
I traded bases during technical school. Most people thought I was crazy for wanting to go to Grand Forks, N.D. instead of Barksdale, Louisiana, but my wife doesn't like hot weather and I didn't care where I was stationed as long as I was able to see a new place. I grew up in a small town in southern Ohio, but I was always able to find something fun to do.

Grand Forks has a much bigger population than my hometown, but it has that same small-town feel. There is a lot to do as long as you take the time and find the fun.

This past weekend, two of my friends from Minot Air Force Base came to visit my wife and me. We became good friends in technical school and were lucky enough to be stationed in the same state.

My friends brought their new puppy with them. My wife and I got a puppy just a little bit after they got theirs. The only problem with puppies is that they need attention and they have a lot of energy. We decided to find a place for our puppies to expel some of that energy. We went to the Lincoln Drive Park in downtown Grand Forks.

The Lincoln Drive Park is a hidden gem in the suburban area of Grand Forks. We went there because I read that it had a dog park. It turned out to be much more.

Right when we pulled in I noticed something unique. There was a horseshoe court. I've never seen a park with a horseshoe court.

We continued on to the dog park. It was much bigger than most dog parks I've seen. It had separate areas for small dogs and large dogs. Both had a water fountain for the dogs and even bowls that we could use. Our puppies went crazy. They were running around and playing with the other dogs. It reminded me of being released for recess during elementary school. All that pent up energy shot out of them.

The best part for me was the other things the park has to offer. It has an 18-hole disc golf course. Disc golf is a very inexpensive sport that almost anyone can play. I actually saw an Airman I know that had just finished playing a round.

I really enjoyed my time at Lincoln Drive Park and I didn't even see the whole thing. It would be a great place for Airman to get out and enjoy nature. I plan on seeing what else the park has to offer very soon.