Meet new MSG/CC, Col. Joseph Douez

  • Published
  • By Col. Joseph Douez
  • 319th Mission Support Group Commander
1) What do you expect out of the Airmen in your group?
I expect motivated Airmen, fit Airmen, disciplined Airmen and I expect them to live the core values.

2) What is your vision for your group (where do you want the group to be when your time as commander is over)?
Develop a highly trained group that is ready to deploy, fit to fight, and highly motivated to get the job done.

3) Who are your leadership role models?
My Dad, Jim Douez--he went from being a riveter to a Vice President at McDonnell Douglas and he did it with hard work and integrity every step of the way.
Others whom I emulate

Tom Osborne--University of Nebraska football and congressman. A first-class coach, servant leader who did it right.

Anson Dorrance--University of North Carolina, created the ultimate sports dynasty with his women's soccer program.

Joe Gibbs--Former Washington Redskins coach and owner of Joe Gibbs Racing--Another Christian leader who did it right as the Redskins coach and at Joe Gibbs Racing.

4) What does it mean to you to be a group commander?
First I am very Blessed to have this position. When I came in the USAF my goal was to reach Lt Col and hopefully be a flying sq commander, becoming a Colonel and then being selected for Group Command is far more then I could have ever asked for. What it means to me is that I will work as hard as possible to accomplish the mission, to support my squadrons, to support the Wing and ultimately the USAF. We are a nation at war and what we accomplish here at Grand Forks AFB is vital to the success of our nation.

5) How do you view the mission of your group?
Provide world class expeditionary combat support and world class expeditionary airmen to win the war on terror and secure our freedom that our predecessors have fought so hard to secure.

6) If you could sit down and talk with every single Airman in your group, what is the one (or more) thing you'd tell every single one of them?
We are Airmen first, be ready to go. Get yourself in excellent shape, know your job, complete your training and serve with pride you are part of the most powerful fighting force ever assembled on the face of this earth.

7) How have your deployment experiences shaped you as a leader? What are the most important lessons that deployments have taught you?
Work hard every day. Be ready, you never know when the enemy will attack and learn as much as possible from your boss, your peers and your subordinates.