Electricity is a constant in our lives

  • Published
  • By Craig Gandrud
  • Resource Efficiency Manager, 319th Civil Engineering
Electricity is present and necessary in nearly all aspects of our life, from stop lights to computers. Many of us seldom think about how much energy we use costs. At home and work we all need to be aware of the energy we consume because it affects us all.

Electricity costs and demands are rising. According to the Energy Information Agency; the US is expected to need 40 % more electricity in 20 yrs. As we keep buying more goods that require electricity, scientists are working hard to find more efficient, earth-friendly ways to generate needed power.

How can we help reduce demand and costs? 
- At work be aware of lights that are left on needlessly. 
- Set ideal temperature for your work space, 78 in summer and 68 in winter. 
     *Note that it is unwise to use space heaters in an office due to fire hazards and inefficient energy use. 

You will be surprised how easy is it to reduce the energy you use.

For more information, contact the Resource Efficiency Manager, Craig Gandrud at (701) 747-6957.