Antiterrorism & Force Protection: Everybody’s business

  • Published
  • By Kelly Hogness
  • 319 Air Refueling Wing Antiterrorism Office
Antiterrorism and Force Protection is not just for Security Forces anymore. It is the responsibility of every member assigned to an installation.

It wasn't long ago when the safety of the base and the security of the flight line was the sole responsibility of the Security Forces Squadron, but with manning decreases and increases in threat we can no longer expect this over-tasked squadron to do all the work.

Diligence and awareness is an action every Airman can practice every day. As we drive to work, enter the building, maintain aircraft, fly aircraft or interface with customers we must be aware of what is happening around us. You, the individual, will be the first to notice a car that is always parked outside the gate or the man running across the grass on the west side of the runway.

Today, it is harder than ever to pinpoint those with intent to cause harm. But one thing is for sure, there are signs before an incident. "Eagle Eyes" is an Air Force-wide program for deterring acts of terror by recognizing and reporting pre-attack activities; a global "neighborhood watch."

When Airmen and citizens know what to look for and how to report suspicious activity, the event can be prevented. Suspicious activities by those with intent to harm that you may notice include:

1) Surveillance - Any out-of-the ordinary monitoring or recording.
2) Elicitation - Attempts to obtain information beyond a need to know.
3) Threats - Any threat received by any means that contains a specific time or place for an attack against U.S. forces, facilities or missions.
4) Tests of Security - Attempts to measure security reaction times, strengths and weaknesses; attempts to test or penetrate physical security barriers or procedures.
5) Suspicious Activity - Any activity or incident that does not specifically fit into the aforementioned categories yet is believed to be of concern regarding force protection should be reported under this category.
6) Repetitive Activity - Two or more incidents when combined arouse suspicion.

If your "EAGLE EYES" see something suspicious contact:
Eagle Eyes at 747-3937
Security Forces at 747-5351
Local city, county, state, or federal law enforcement offices