Winter weather moves in

  • Published
  • By 319th Air Refueling Wing
  • Safety Office
Winter weather is moving into the Grand Forks region and could possibly be severe. However short lived this storm might be, it is expected to create dangerous travel conditions. Wind gusts of 50+ miles per hour, near freezing temperatures and wind chills could likely freeze the rain we have received during the last few days.

These elements would be bad enough alone, but this storm is anticipated to produce anywhere from a trace to 9 inches of snow. Ice will typically form on bridges/overpasses and low lying areas first, however, black ice could be lurking anywhere.

So, your travels should be calculated and you should only travel if necessary. If travel is necessary please keep these safety tips in mind.

· Allow extra time to reach your destination.

· Reduce your speed.

· Wear your seatbelt and ensure your passengers wear theirs.

· Slow down.

· Watch the weather.

· Let someone know your plans.

· Carry your cell phone and charger.

· Dress appropriately.

· Slow down.

· Increase the distance between you and vehicle ahead of you.

Again, and most importantly, slow down. The one element you the driver have the most control of is the speed at which you are traveling.

If you have any questions or concerns, call Andrew Swenson at (701) 747-3367.