Always be prepared

  • Published
  • By the Fire Prevention Office
  • 319th Civil Engineer Squadron
Each family member should know how to get out of their home by at least two different routes in case of an emergency. Also, the family members should know how to use a normal exit and a secondary exit through either a door or window.

If a family member does not know the escape plan or how to execute the plan, spend a few hours teaching these essential skills.

During winter months, ensure all exits to include windows, are cleared of snow. Also, remember to use salt on concrete to reduce ice from accumulating.

Family members should also practice opening windows and window well covers. Jammed windows, window coverings and sliding doors should be repaired immediately.

Once outside, meet at a special meeting place that has been previously established and is a safe distance away from the house. Pick something stationary, such as a tree, a mailbox, or the neighbors' driveway.

After snow storms, remove snow from all exits at both home and work. Remember to check all vents like a furnace, dryer, and/or stove vents for blockage due to heavy snow fall.

If you have any fire prevention concerns or would like a member of the Fire Prevention team conduct a courtesy inspection of your residence, contact the Fire Prevention Office at (701) 747-4174 or stop by Building 409.