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  • Faces of military women: the leader

    Some people wonder how a military leader - and a mom - can be successful at both. From personal experience, I can tell you it is a fine balance between the time it takes to be a good Airman and leader and the time it takes to ensure your children have the attention, discipline, education and love needed to make them into happy, healthy,
  • Leave no Airman, family member behind; we care

    A traditional value of the United States military is to “leave no one behind.” The historic meaning of this phrase is that in the heat of the battle we will never abandon a fellow Airman. Air Force heritage throughout history is filled with heroic actions by individuals and teams that ignored great personal risk; and with tremendous courage,
  • Warrior Honorary

    As a pilot in the 905th Air Refueling Squadron during the early 1970s, I served during the Vietnam and Cold Was. I remember 30-, 60- and even 90- day temporary duty assignments and pulling alerts for a week every month or so. However, that now seems to pale in comparison to the 120 or even 179 day or more TDYs regularly carried out by Warriors of
  • Readiness is everyone’s job

    This week began the first of two “fly away” exercises that will lead us into June’s Operational Readiness Inspection. Along with putting our wing’s immediate response capabilities to the test, this exercise is intended to assess the ability of hundreds of our Airmen to survive and operate in a simulated chemical environment when they deploy to
  • Exercise, still best defense against hypertension

    Are you one of those people who want to lose a few pounds in 2006? For African-Americans, the incentive may be even greater. They have the highest incidence of high blood pressure among all major racial groups in America. In turn, high blood pressure precipitates a countless number of strokes, heart attacks and chronic kidney failure each year. All
  • High cholesterol, silent killer

    Heart disease kills more than 5,000 Americans every year; it's the leading cause of death in the United States. One of the major risk factors for heart disease is high cholesterol, or increased levels of circulating fat in our blood. These increased levels of fat in our blood leads to a hardening of the arteries. This can cause blockages, which in
  • Play provides window into domestic abuse

    Anna is dead. She wasn't killed by a drunk driver, she wasn't killed by a terrorist and she wasn't killed by power point briefings. Anna was the narrator during last week's sobering "Yellow Dress" performances, and was killed by her abusive boyfriend as a result of domestic violence. The one-woman monologue was a key element of Friday's Wingman
  • Brothers reunite in AOR

    I'm a KC-135 pilot with the 911th Air Refueling Squadron at Grand Forks Air Force Base and I arrived in southwest Asia on Dec. 21, 2005. My brother, 1st Lt. Ryan Reed, is also a tanker pilot stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base, Wash., was also deployed to the region. On the night of Jan. 1, I was flying over Iraq, offloading fuel to fighters when
  • Why I joined...

    The story of why I joined the Air Force is probably not different from many. I started out by going to college for two years. I was lost in my courses, but it didn’t mean very much to me at the time. They were just stepping stones to a degree that would only start me at the bottom of the corporate totem pole. I would still need more experience and
  • Wing takes a step forward

    I’d like to start by thanking the Warriors of the North for the long hours they’ve put in and the long hours they will continue to put in during the coming weeks and months as we prepare for our June Operational Readiness Inspection. Our exercise last week started by demonstrating our ability to execute our strategic operational plans to Air