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319th Reconnaissance Wing hosts annual Wing Leadership Summit

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Ashley Richards

Leaders across the 319th Reconnaissance Wing gathered here, April 19-21, for the annual Wing Leadership Summit.

The purpose of the summit was to discuss how each organization, including geographically separated units, align with the wing’s strategic plan and higher headquarters priorities.

“Because our wing is spread throughout the world, we aim to meet in-person annually to synchronize messaging, network, and ensure alignment,” said Col. Timothy Curry, the commander of the 319 RW. “The summit is an environment where leaders across the wing can exchange ideas and concepts allowing us to grow in real time.

Over the course of three days, commanders, chiefs, and senior enlisted leaders discussed a range of topics falling under the umbrella of the wing’s three strategic priorities: Develop Exceptional Leaders, Be Ready for Combat, and Accelerate Change.

Each priority took on a unique type of learning. For example, the way the summit addressed Developing Exceptional Leaders was accomplished through ‘Building Trust through Self-Awareness’ work shop.

During the exercise, participants were able to identify and understand their thoughts, feelings and behavioral tendencies. The goal was for leaders to be able to create more trusting relationships in the workplace and understand what their strengths and weaknesses may be.

The summit also featured collaborative sessions where leaders were able to discuss ways to innovate within the wing, while also developing mission-ready Airmen anytime, anywhere.

Two of the main focuses at the summit were innovation and meeting the needs of Airmen as our future leaders. Speaking on these subjects was Lt. Gen. Timothy Haugh, the commander of the 16th Air Force.

 “In a contested environment, we need to move with speed and agility. Work the problems. How do we stay connected in a fight? How do we ensure communication links?” said Haugh. “We need to work as a team that is inclusive and empowered. Set your culture, lead the change, with intent and transparency. Build culture the Air Force needs to win the great power competition.”