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AF privatizes utilities at Grand Forks AFB

GRAND FORKS AIR FORCE BASE, N.D. -- The Air Force awarded a utilities services contract to Base Utilities, Inc (BU), of Minot, North Dakota, in support of the privatization of the water distribution, and wastewater collection systems here. The 50-year contract is valued at $285.5 million dollars.

The purpose of the new water distribution and wastewater collection systems is to correct significant deficiencies and to begin the process of upgrading the system to industry standards.

In addition, the Air Force has also awarded a utilities services contract to Nodak Electrical Cooperative Inc., of Grand Forks, North Dakota, in support of the privatization of the electrical distribution systems here. It is also a 50-year contract.

“The Air Force is getting out of the business of maintaining utility systems where it makes sense,” said Robin McKinley, a utilities privatization program manager with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center. “Private industry and local utility companies operate and maintain utility systems day in and day out, so they can do it more effectively than the government.”

Utilities privatization is a valuable tool to turn around our “fix to failure” status and provide benefits from preventative maintenance, technologically advanced systems, and increased reliability that better supports the Air Force mission.

Future privatization efforts here will focus on systems that support the most critical missions of the Air Force.