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Warriors of the North prepare for GFAFB’s first CCRI

GRAND FORKS AIR FORCE BASE, N.D. -- Grand Forks AFB first-ever Command Cyber Readiness Inspection is set to take place here from April 16-20. With this being the wing’s first time undergoing this inspection, the 319th Communications Squadron wants to ensure each unit and more importantly, each individual is ready.

The CCRI is a USCYBERCOM-mandated inspection that is aimed at improving the security of Department of Defense Information Networks and is conducted by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). The 319 CS is currently working to ensure unit cyber security liaisons and security managers are educating their users on the importance of cybersecurity.

- Never leave your Common Access Card (CAC) unattended
- Know who your unit security managers and cyber security liaisons are
- Ensure classified information is secured in accordance with unit security manager directives
- Never bring unauthorized wireless devices into secured areas
- If you receive a suspicious email, follow proper procedures on the Network Incident Reporting Aid (NIRA) and report it immediately
- Ensure the communications equipment in your unit has the appropriate classification markers
- Encrypt all emails that contain personally identifiable information (PII)

“The important thing we want everyone to know is that even though the 319 CS is executing a great deal of work to prepare for this inspection, all Airmen should take measures to ensure they are protecting the information systems in use on a daily basis,” said Senior Master Sgt. Grange Coffin, 319 CS Operations Superintendent. This inspection is an opportunity to educate users in their role in ensuring the security of the AFNET and strengthening the cyber posture of GFAFB.”

While the Communications Squadron plays a huge role in ensuring the base is compliant, it is important to know that every individual has a hand in getting a “PASS” on the inspection.

“We are working with installations and technical experts across the Air Force to ensure best practices and standard operating procedures are in use locally to guide us in this inspection,” said Mr. James Gove, 319th Communications Squadron cyber readiness contractor. “Over the course of the next few years, I will be working to ensure this base is developing repeatable processes and implementing cyber best practices.”

Over the duration of the next few weeks, personnel from the Comm Squadron will visit each unit to execute a cyber readiness exercise which entails traditional security checks (i.e. unattended CAC’s), ensuring PCs are up-to-date, patched and secure and that all equipment is compliant with USCYBERCOM directives and finally, making sure personnel are familiar with the unit’s Incident Response Plan.

“The CS is here to help out the units. This is not an individual inspection; it is a team inspection. The CCRI is new for the base, and we want to ensure everyone is prepared,” Coffin said. “We encourage Airmen to pay close attention to the Cyber Awareness Challenge CBT on the Advanced Distributed Learning Service as it contains important information and educates you on your role in ensuring cyber readiness.”

For questions about the CCRI or other cyber security practices, call the Wing Cybersecurity Office at 747-4491.