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Action Line Question: My name is Dave Boe. I'm a 20-year veteran with two sons in the Army. One in the German army, and the other in the United States Army. My concern is with the latter. He's stationed at Ft. Bragg. His wife, Sylvia Boe, is stationed at Grand Forks. She has turned in the paperwork to be transferred to an applicable duty station at or near Ft. Bragg, but has been told she can't go anywhere until at least September, due to personnel reasons. They obviously do not want to rock the boat in trying to get the transfer expedited. I have no problem doing it. I'm sure my disability pension won't be threatened. I've reached out to Federal officials, but I figured if anyone can handle this situation it's the Command Chief. I understand that Sgt. Sylvia Boe is an asset to the base, but I feel it is in the best interests of the military (morale) for her to be transferred to a duty station close to her husband as soon as possible. Any assistance on your part would be appreciated.

Wing Leadership Response: Thank you for your question.  I’m working with our Operational Support Squadron Superintendent to gain an understanding of TSgt Boe’s situation.  What I’ve gathered thus far is that insufficient manning within her career field does not support her immediate relocation.  I’ve asked our team to work directly with her career field managers to explore all avenues and to share routine updates with TSgt Boe.  Thanks again and please let me know if I can provide further clarity through another means of communicating.


Trash Cans

Action Line Question: Is there anyway we can get dumpsters for excess trash and recycling in housing, either at BBB, or behind the school that isn't used. Every Monday when you drive around base, you see full dumpsters at the Car-wash, med-group, rod and gun club. People keep taking their trash and cardboard and filling these dumpsters.

CCC Response: Thank you for identifying this problem and bringing it to my attention. Balfour Beatty Communities offers an option that may resolve any future issues. If you contact them during office hours at (701) 594-8003, they can provide a roll-off trash bin to curb excess garbage for residents. I am aware that this option has not been widely advertised so I have also requested for them to publicize this option more frequently.