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Grand Forks Air Force Base Honor Guard Grand Forks Air Force Base Honor Guard

Grand Forks Air Force Base Honor Guard

Grand Forks Air Force Base


The Grand Forks Air Force Base Honor Guard, part of the 319th Reconnaissance Wing, provides military honors for all active duty members, retirees and veterans who have served honorably in the Army Air Corps, Amy Air Forces or the Air Force. The Honor Guard also provides "Colors" support for promotions, retirements, change-of-commands, recognition ceremonies, and other base/civic activities. The ultimate goal of the Honor Guard is "To Honor with Dignity".


The Honor Guard supports wing promotion ceremonies and retirements for all ranks upon request. On-base ceremonies, such as Quarterly/Annual Awards, Airmen Leadership School/Community College of the Air Force graduations, the Air Force Ball, and other Wing-level programs are also supported.

To schedule "Colors" events, Colors request Forms should be emailed to 319FSS.HG@us.af.mil
Click here for a copy of the request form.


Air Force Instruction 34-501, Mortuary Affairs mandates a team of 20 members for active duty funerals and teams of 2 members for retiree and veteran funerals. For the honor guard to support a funeral, submit an Honors Request Form with all pertinent information, along with a copy of the deceased members DD214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty , showing honorable service. If a DD214 is not submitted, honors cannot be performed. In cases where a DD214 is not available contact the National Archives to obtain a certificate of Military Service.

To request funeral honors, Honors Request Forms should be e-mailed to 319FSS.HG@us.af.mil. Click here for a copy of the request form. All submitted documents will be verified and confirmed via phone/email. To guarantee support, please provide documentation no later than 48 hours prior to the requested honors time.


The 319th RW Honor Guard supports a 300,000 square mile region, comprised of the entire state of North Dakota and Minnesota and parts of Michigan and Wisconsin.



Honor Guard Program Manager
Staff Sgt. Alonzo Clark
(701) 747-6162

Head Program Trainer
Staff Sgt. Brittany Trottier
(701) 747-4881

Normal Operations hours are 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. For after-hours urgent assistance, please call (701) 739-6951 or (701) 317-5811